Thursday, September 27, 2012

Even Trucks Can Have a Mini-Me

My son and I were out in the real world a few weeks ago, checking out a science fair. I enjoyed it but Zac absolutely loved it!!! So many people talking and demonstrating things about science (obviously), art (a little bit!), maths (always seems to follow science everywhere), and what I've found to be scientists' fave words... order and chaos. Even Deane and Rob from 'The Curiosity Show' were there selling their new dvd of fave episodes.

I had a few moments of 'wow' too. We watched this guy play with fire (very cool), checked out a mini art show tucked away to the side, and found this awesome truck!

And on this truck's fender was the most adorable Mini-Me... an exact miniature replica of the truck, made of paper! Love it! That is very cool indeed!!!

Hope you have a happy and creative day!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Hopping About with Kaszazz

I joined Kaszazz (specialists in selling scrapbooking supplies from home) as a consultant a few days ago. They're a wonderful, friendly, helpful and creative bunch, just like my friend Robyn (who introduced me to this cool company). I was eyeing off this gorgeous scrapbook shop that is for sale but there was no way I could buy it, let alone leave my awesomely incredible job with Country Bumpkin.
For now, I won't be advertising too much that I'm a consultant, but if you do need anything, just let me know! There is an online catalogue at the Kaszazz website plus I have them for sale for AU$9.95 each if you'd prefer to flip real pages.

I attended their Team Training Day on Sunday... I was lucky enough to be included even though I wasn't a Kaszazz member then - I had a totally brilliant day! A quick meeting then right into having a wonderful creative day. Just how meetings should be run!

For the day we could enter a scrappy competition which needed to include their large diecut alphabet and be made only from all things Kaszazz (and any regular household products).

I grabbed this opportunity with both hands and hopped straight for my frog stamps, green and blue paper/card, Smooch paint and spritz, Tim Holtz distress inks and the groovylishus Tim Holtz distress markers (my current fave water-soluble textas). A few hours of stamping, painting, inking, cutting, distressing, spritzing and more painting (mmmm, Smooch!!) and sticking together, created a marvellous 'page' - A 12"x12" (30.5cm x 30.5cm) artwork which I'll frame and hang in the kitchen. I also used a couple of flower embossing dies and punches to create the lilies (attached with tiny brads) and petite daisies (glued with Glossy Accents) floating around the page. Some of the frogs have scrap cardstock layered underneath to life them off the page.

Here are a few pics... I hope you like it!!! I certainly do :D
(All products used are available from Kaszazz. If you'd like more information, let me know or visit their website.)

Frogs Rock scrapbook artwork Copyright 2012 Jenny James aka Art by Jenny, Georgiegirl of Redbubble
My finished masterpiece!

Firstly, using Distress Inks, ink the edges of the green backing paper. The blue backing paper has been sanded, ripped, inked and splashed. The lettering was inked in yellow and green Distress Stains then the edges inked in pink and when dry frosted with Smooch Spritz. 
The green backing paper (left) has a big square hole in the centre where I've cut out the lily pads (right).  The frogs that I've cut out after painting were stamped onto a pale yellow paper (because it had a great textured background). These were all stamped with the gorgeous Kaszazz frog stamps with Stayz-On ink.

Pictured left is one of the friendly frogs patiently waiting to dry while I finish his friends. You can see the texture of the pretty green backing paper here. Pictured right is the frogs drying after having the lily pad edges inked in green and pink. 

Finished lilies floating on the page... all flowers are cut from the pale pink paper (using both sides) and have yellow Smooch centres plus a dab of Glossy. 
The hippy frog on the stump welcomes you to check out my favourite shoes... yes, I really do have these shoes and I wear them all the time. I just love them!!!

The word "Frogs" has spotty Glossy highlights added after it was completely dry while the word "Rock" is 'raw' paper - no ink or markers, just diecut and glued down.
You can see how the frog is lifted off the page here... by using a little bit of card, folded with glue between the layers.

If you'd like the names and codes of the products I've used, let me know. I used quite a few and this post is long enough!

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Learning to Stitch with Margaret Lee

A few weeks ago, my boss Fiona, of Country Bumpkin, gave myself and fellow workmates a lesson with Margaret Lee, Adelaide's most talented embroiderer and teacher of Chinese (Su) and Japanese embroidery. Margaret taught us a few basics of Chinese embroidery enabling us to start a pretty and delicate orchid picture. She was very patient and kind, with so many positive and encouraging comments for us all. It was a lovely relaxing time!
That night, all I managed to finish was a stem and a bit of leaf... so since then I've been adding to the picture. I've finished the stems, large leaf and 2 petals... not much, but thought I'd share anyway!!! And although I have a feeling its not quite the correct technique, its pretty and I'm enjoying myself.

Off to go start making this month's ATCs now... April's theme is "Indulgence". Promises to be fun, as always!

Happy Easter!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Holiday 'Snaps'

I went for a mini holiday this weekend in the CBD of Adelaide... Last night my work friends and I had our belated Christmas Bollywood Party. It was a blast!!! Everyone got dressed in gorgeous, colourful traditional sarees (mine was green of course) and other Indian clothing, ate amazing food, danced and laughed!!! We all took loads of photos but the pics I'm sharing here are what I drew on my way home on the train... after having a delicious yum cha breaky and going for a wander up and down Rundle Mall.

Firstly, I did an owl getting speed wobbles while riding on a rough road (the Tour Downunder was on and I've owls on the brain from doing my Sketchbook Project), one of my shoes (without the blisters and bandaids... nobody wants to see that!), and my groovy new bag (holiday souvenir).

Then as I gazed out the window at the gorgeous sea view our train has most of the way home, I drew a pelican, then gave him a few friends.

I haven't worked out why my suns always look unfinished without a face, but it could stem from living in the world of make believe half the time!

Always feels so good to draw!

Hope your weekend was just as amazing as mine!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Owls and the Sketchbook Project

I joined the Arthouse Sketchbook Project late last year - all of a few weeks ago! (saying "last year" makes it sound so long ago!). We had various themes to choose from and I've chosen 'Why did the owl make everyone laugh?'. Well, why not, I thought, everyone needs a good laugh now and then... thinking that it would just be awesome to draw heaps of owls and things that made others laugh. Note I said 'others' and not 'people'. You know I can't draw humans very well... and if you didn't, you do now!!

I've been drawing quite a few sketches over the past couple of weeks, and have finally drawn one I'm happy to share. Its still in pencil form and scanned pretty rough but I think its pretty cool. Its not exactly an owl, but these birds behave like owls, so I'm including them in my project.

This first owl is a Tawny Frogmouth, an Australasian 'owl', famous for pretending to be tree branches or squawking with their big yellow mouths open to scare intruders away. I love them. They have so much character and attitude! Their chicks are totally adorable too, all you can see are fluffy feathers, big black eyes and huge sharp beaks!

If you need a quick art fix or want to learn more about this project, check out Arthouse Sketchbook Project or the Sketchbook Project group at RB

You can never have too much art or creativity in your life!