Sunday, January 22, 2012

Holiday 'Snaps'

I went for a mini holiday this weekend in the CBD of Adelaide... Last night my work friends and I had our belated Christmas Bollywood Party. It was a blast!!! Everyone got dressed in gorgeous, colourful traditional sarees (mine was green of course) and other Indian clothing, ate amazing food, danced and laughed!!! We all took loads of photos but the pics I'm sharing here are what I drew on my way home on the train... after having a delicious yum cha breaky and going for a wander up and down Rundle Mall.

Firstly, I did an owl getting speed wobbles while riding on a rough road (the Tour Downunder was on and I've owls on the brain from doing my Sketchbook Project), one of my shoes (without the blisters and bandaids... nobody wants to see that!), and my groovy new bag (holiday souvenir).

Then as I gazed out the window at the gorgeous sea view our train has most of the way home, I drew a pelican, then gave him a few friends.

I haven't worked out why my suns always look unfinished without a face, but it could stem from living in the world of make believe half the time!

Always feels so good to draw!

Hope your weekend was just as amazing as mine!

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