Monday, January 16, 2012

Owls and the Sketchbook Project

I joined the Arthouse Sketchbook Project late last year - all of a few weeks ago! (saying "last year" makes it sound so long ago!). We had various themes to choose from and I've chosen 'Why did the owl make everyone laugh?'. Well, why not, I thought, everyone needs a good laugh now and then... thinking that it would just be awesome to draw heaps of owls and things that made others laugh. Note I said 'others' and not 'people'. You know I can't draw humans very well... and if you didn't, you do now!!

I've been drawing quite a few sketches over the past couple of weeks, and have finally drawn one I'm happy to share. Its still in pencil form and scanned pretty rough but I think its pretty cool. Its not exactly an owl, but these birds behave like owls, so I'm including them in my project.

This first owl is a Tawny Frogmouth, an Australasian 'owl', famous for pretending to be tree branches or squawking with their big yellow mouths open to scare intruders away. I love them. They have so much character and attitude! Their chicks are totally adorable too, all you can see are fluffy feathers, big black eyes and huge sharp beaks!

If you need a quick art fix or want to learn more about this project, check out Arthouse Sketchbook Project or the Sketchbook Project group at RB

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