Sunday, August 28, 2011

ArtDolls and ATCs

Life is wonderful... but you all know that!!! My world is surrounded by art ... at work and at home. What more could I ask (apart from more time so I can get more creations finished!!).

Here is my latest creation. She's an ArtDoll for a swap at an online world of creativity, Born2Create. I've named her 'Piper the Happy Hippy'. So named because of what she's made from... pipe cleaners! 

The pipe cleaner bones are covered with calico strips and matt modpodge, that great glue that sticks just about anything! Her hair is made from fake ostrich feathers (wool) and her face is painted with copic markers.The necklace is acrylic crystal beads threaded on blue wire... I love the coloured wires we can get these days. Not just gold, silver or clear anymore! 

She has a sunflower in her hair which, when down, is nearly down to her knees and wears groovy hippy style cotton print clothes - trimmed with zigzag scissors (can't remember their correct name!) and handstitched. 

So that's Piper, all finished and packed into an envelope, ready for her trip to WA... where hopefully, she'll be well received!


Still crazy about ATCs (Art Trading Cards). They are such wonderful little artworks that just get the creative side of the brain working really well. I found a box of them at work and when I've a spare moment, they'll be added around this wooden frame we have on a wall in the shop (Country Bumpkin). So many amazing creations... all embroidered by hand. Such inspiration!!! 

I swap my ATCs both locally and online. In the past few months we'd had themes from 'Friendship' through to 'Way Out West'. Mostly I create my ATCs with papers, fabrics, inks, glimmermist (and other paints), scissors, punches, pipe cleaners, bling and beads, plus a few (!) other things. 

Crochet has also been entering the creative space these days... must be all the cold weather! Scarves, gloves and flowers have been created... 

I'm just having so much fun!!! Hope you are too... Happy creating everyone :D

Friendship, swaps with Born2Create
Coffee, Tea and Meeee, swaps with Born2Create
Blue, swaps with the locals
DSP - Polkadots and Stripes, swaps with Born2Create
Oriental, swaps with the locals
Baby Girl, swaps with Born2Create
Twinchie Swap with Kerri from B2C

The Beach, swaps with the locals

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Day in the Life - for Drawing Day

A most exciting day in the life of me... 

I woke up (always a good start to the day), fed Socks our cat, had coffee, started a sketch, gazed out the kitchen window, played games on my iphone, destroyed the greys in my hair (and almost turned it orange but that's ok... better than grey!!!), had lunch and another coffee, chatted to our neighbours (their rabbits anyway), mowed the grass, pulled all the weeds and soursobs up, sang Meatloaf and The Beatles loudly while mowing and weeding (with the headphones on so didn't hear my horrid singing voice, therefore sounded brilliant!!!), had dinner, watched the box (Dr Who, then a movie 'the Ugly Truth' (very funny!) and now 'Notting Hill' while typing this for Drawing Day)... so far, that's my day. Told you it was exciting!!!!

Thanks for looking... I enjoyed my day and I hope you had a wonderful Drawing Day too!!!

ps... I'll get the textas out in a bit and see if I can't improve my scribbles... wish me luck :D

Its Today!

Happy Drawing Day to you!!

My Drawing Day is off with a flying start... or hopping I should say! The neighbours are visiting on this gorgeous sunny morning. Decided to draw a 'day in the life of me' cos my life is so exciting it needs to be recorded!!! lol

I'll get outside in a bit and give you a closer look at our friends. Hopefully they'll visit for a while today. Mowing the grass will have to wait till later!

Stay tuned :D

Its Drawing Day - Saturday 4th June 2011

Just the other day while I was flicking through the calendar seeing what was coming up in May and June, I remember thinking... 'cool, Drawing Day is coming up!' Well, it feels like it was just the other day!! Its incredible how fast the time flies.

What a wonderful way to end the week... these last few have been more hectic than usual... but the embroidery magazine has gone to the printers (well nearly, at least the patterns have gone) and so I can relax again and get back to not being such a workaholic. Yay!!! Love the job though... I get to draw for a living, even if its only tracing! Its all good!!!

I've some groovy new textas to play with tomorrow and some beautiful paper to draw on... Just need to think of something to draw... but I'll leave that until I've had a snooze. At least it'll be easy to catch up on what everyone's drawn... Redbubble has a group dedicated to Drawing Day here. See you there!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Drawing Day!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bubble Analytics - Easy to add, Useful to have

With huge thanks to Mitch and Karin both of Redbubble, I found out that Google Analytics is now available! We've waited years to be able to add this kind of data collection code. 

The following is where it was found and a quick blurb about what it is (thanks to RB)...
Home → Knowledge Base → Advanced RedBubble → 
Google Analytics 
RedBubble allows you to use Google Analytics to track and report on visitors to your profile and works. 
To use this feature, you will need an account with Google Analytics. 
If you already use Google Analytics, you can add your RedBubble profile and works pages to your Google Analytics account using your "Web Property ID".

my entry for the Longest Illustration forum

Can't believe its been this long since I actually wrote anything... time flies so fast when you've loads of work to do. But at least our bills are getting paid!!! And I'm getting lots of practice coding with html and php website pages for Country Bumpkin. One day, the site will get a complete overhall, but until then, I'm just updating products, articles, events, home page and other stuff... plus I produce their webletters each week. The overhall will more than likely done by Fab, our new graphic designer, but I'll be her sidekick for the grand event! Hopefully Lynton (our other graphic designer) will get interested in having a go too, cos its such a great job creating websites!
My inner nerd loves doing this job... geez, I don't know, fancy getting a thrill from pressing the "send" button at MailChimp or uploading a page to the admin!!!!

On the home front, living in a house again is fantastic. Lots more work than having a unit cos there's more to clean and fix but having the space is amazing!!! And even though I spend more time mowing grass and pulling weeds than actually gardening, its great having the veggie plots there to use when I eventually find more time to dig and plant! 
At least I've managed to read a book (a really short one and I was sick at the time, which sort of slowed me down!), create a few ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) while discovering my inner scrapbook addict, paint a pic for the Longest Illustration and ahem, play facebook and iphone games. Ahhh... but good news, I've just recently managed to squish my fb game addiction. Can't say the same for the phone... I've got drawing apps, camera apps, The Creeps!, Plants vs Zombies, MailChimp app (cos I can't seem to turn work off), Pocket God, GodFinger and a 'few' others. If I wasn't scrapping and drawing and painting as well, I'd be really worried that I'd become a total game nerd...

What are you up to these days? Any exciting news? Huge news (I'm a bit behind but this I do know!!) Karin has *sold over 2000 items*... such an incredible thing to do!! I'm soooo happy for her!!!! May she (and us all) sell many 1000s more!

Nice chatting to you again, I promise not to leave it so long next time!

Happy bubbling,