Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Day in the Life - for Drawing Day

A most exciting day in the life of me... 

I woke up (always a good start to the day), fed Socks our cat, had coffee, started a sketch, gazed out the kitchen window, played games on my iphone, destroyed the greys in my hair (and almost turned it orange but that's ok... better than grey!!!), had lunch and another coffee, chatted to our neighbours (their rabbits anyway), mowed the grass, pulled all the weeds and soursobs up, sang Meatloaf and The Beatles loudly while mowing and weeding (with the headphones on so didn't hear my horrid singing voice, therefore sounded brilliant!!!), had dinner, watched the box (Dr Who, then a movie 'the Ugly Truth' (very funny!) and now 'Notting Hill' while typing this for Drawing Day)... so far, that's my day. Told you it was exciting!!!!

Thanks for looking... I enjoyed my day and I hope you had a wonderful Drawing Day too!!!

ps... I'll get the textas out in a bit and see if I can't improve my scribbles... wish me luck :D

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Thanks for reading :) Wishing you a happy creative day!