Saturday, September 21, 2013

Soccer Eliie

Here's my lastest creation. Made for a gorgeous boy who loves elephants, elephants and flying kites. Probably a little on the young side for an 11yo, but he's got to learn to not grow up from someone! 

I traced a little wooden elephant I've been hanging onto for ages (as you do!) and attached the ear on one edge. The tail is string or twine. The rest is made of papers, more string, acrylic paint and Distress inks.

Next "job" is my ATC swaps for Tuesday. Happy Creative Day!!!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Tangled Thursdays

Every Thursday I'm dedicating to drawing... with every second Thursday being a Tangling day. That is, drawing stylized patterns and lines... random and creative. 

I'm usually one for sketching out a few ideas, then sketching a final idea, roughing out an outline, inking it in then erasing the rough pencil.

For Tangled Thursdays, there is no sketching out ideas... its ink straight onto paper - without planning!

Its a good technique to do to loosen up the drawing arm and to teach the brain to let go of "perfection" in drawing and to just draw lots of lines, swirls, circles, spots and dashes.

September in the Studio is Fairyland month... so yesterday I had the class draw a scene with whatever they imagined. Its not Tangling exactly in the way its normally done but it has tangled areas!

I started off with the fairy, added the ground, a tree, then the owl, tree 'bark' and a hole (where I couldn't resist adding another owl hiding), the fungi on the tree, the mushrooms then the rest in a jumbled order.

I finished mine off this morning... just added a few dragonflies, dandilions, fluffing up the caterpillar and adding/altering a few other things, then lastly, I changed the fairy's wand into a dandilion puff.

As you can see, I had a few moments of 'bugga, I didn't want that line there' so added a bit of excessive shading! They are not mistakes but just variations in the drawing.

If you find parts of your linework not behaving to your satisfaction, don't throw it away and start again... just turn it into something else or leave it and focus on an area of the picture you do like.

The next day, you will see the picture with fresh eyes and be able to adjust or ignore what you've done.

Overall, its a fantastic thing to do, drawing without planning. Have a go yourself and don't forget... practise practise practise!!!

Happy Creative Day!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tangled Drawings

I held my first Tangling class on Thursday and it was a hit! We all had a wonderful and relaxing afternoon and everyone explored the groovy patterns and styles that is the Tangle. Also known as Zentangle, its a way of learning to draw without the worry of doing it wrong. With Tangles there are no mistakes and every drawing is unique. 

This was the first afternoon of many... "Tangling and Drawing" classes are every second Thursday starting at 1pm and are just $20 per person. Small classes means personalised service, so you can learn to draw at your own pace. 

Here is an event link for details of the next class ...
You should be able to view that even if you're not a member of Facebook.

Hope to see you at the next one!

Happy Creative Day!

Friday, August 9, 2013

My New Website is Alive... and other news!

I know I say this alot... but... isn't it amazing how fast time flies these days? Something to do with being busy I'm told! At least I'm being creative this year :) Loving it!

I've finally finished my own website, which in hindsight should have probably been built in the modern way with but I had a stubborn "I can do this by myself" moment and created the whole thing from scratch!

Those that know me in person might have come across that moment before... sigh... its tough being independent! lol
But the satisfaction from building and creating something all by yourself is incredible.
I'm supposed to outsource the 'building' (its usually flatpack so not exactly building, more like giant Lego) of any furniture for our home to my 15 year old, but instead, I just let him help.

But he'll survive... my Dad is giving him lessons with the scrollsaw, the lathe and other woodcrafting tools - cool hey? I've so many things they can practice on... wooden shapes for 'off the page' crafts, wooden words, ribbon and washi tape spools, frog shaped coasters (frog shaped anything really) and lots of other things. Apparently I have to wait until he's finished his beginner lesson - how to cut out a dragon. Can't wait to see it!

Here is a screenshot of my brand new website... Have a look around. I'd love to hear your thoughts, and of course if you find anything at all wrong or out of place, please let me know so I can fix it! Thank you :)

The other news, I've become an advertiser for Molly Makes and Simply Crochet magazines. Just because I can and love to share the love of craft.

Here is a great special that I received from "My Favourite Magazines" in the UK. Click the banner below and use the code to shop.
My Favourite Magazines are running a 20% off 2 year subscription promotion this week (5th – 11th Aug). The voucher code will be MAG2YR and will allow 20% off any 2 year subscriptions until Sunday evening.

Updating my Redbubble profile and shop today... pop over and say hi!

Happy creative day!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Home Tweet Home

This month's ATC theme is "Birdhouse"... I've drawn up many ideas and now just need to create one or two of them! 

I've been building my own website inbetween ATC creations... and its finally nearly ready to share! 

My website address is and for another couple of days redirects to a blog on Wordpress but by the weekend I'll have a new site ready to share :) Its very exciting!!!

In the meantime, I thought I'd show off a birdhouse I made a few moons ago. Its a wooden (mdf) birdhouse shaped off-the-page item that I've inked and covered with gorgeous papers. The base is by Kaisercraft and the little feathered friend on the ledge is chipboard but all the rest are hand cut (or fussy cut for you scrappers!!!). 

The baby birds are circles cut out of Tim Holtz's grungeboard and covered with texture paste. The grungeboard was able to take on all the paints and paste without going soggy. The Mum bird is my design... I gave her a worm to carry but she kept dropping it so left it off!

All the eyes are black Enamel Accents... its perfect for eyes of all my critters as it stays shiny and raised. Usually I also use a little tiny drop of white enamel brings the eyes to life but I didn't for these ones.

What else? String! I love string! It has so many uses. I've used a dark pink natural string for the roof, it feels fabulous, almost like thatching. All the gold you see is from the gorgeous paper... no idea what it was called or who made it. If you know, please share!

Have a happy arty week!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Christmas in June (and July)

I've been holding a regular Christmas Card Club each month here in my Art by Jenny Studio. Its meant to be encouraging myself and anyone who joins me to be organised (for once!) for this special time of year! So far its working. Both myself and my students have made quite a few cards already and its only June! 

The most recent class was reindeer training... as it sounds - gathering reindeer together (with a reindeer punch and cardstock) then after the bases were created, sticking them down. 

Then my reindeer punch rebelled and refuse to give us any more cute cardstock animals :P

Well, I'm not one for giving up so we got out the stamps and had a play!!! I'm grateful that all my students went home happy again with their creations - even though they didn't make quite what was planned :)

This next card is what I've made today after trying to fix my punch (which I've put aside for a bit... its a tad stuck now!!!). I love this stamp set... you get the sleigh, sparkles and the hohoho. So versatile! Coloured with watercolour markers and the holly stamp is coloured with the alcohol ink art markers. I just love to colour in :)

The next Christmas Card Club will be on two dates, Sat June 29 or Sat July 6, and we'll be doing a bit of colouring/blending and flower arranging with poinsettias... they're such beautiful plants! 

July's class, Sat July 27, we'll be messing about in the snow (using a snowflake punch, not actually playing in the snow, although if it gets any colder we might be! lol). I'm giving away a FREE punch for each of the students in this class (Sat July 27)... only 6 per class so book without delay :)

That's it for today... while I have the Christmas bug I'm off to make ATCs - this month's Kaszazz theme is "Christmas in July" ... then I'm off to build birdhouses for the local ATC swap with friends ... Can't wait to see what everyone creates!!!

Keep on being creative everyone!

Happy Scrappy Day :D

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Markers Markers Markers...

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE textas and markers? All if them ... the kiddie ones, thick poster type ones, ones that colour those magical invisible puzzle books, popular markers used to colour Magnolia stamps... and bestest ever of all the markers I've ever used are the Ranger and Tim Holtz Distress watercolour markers and the Kaszazz Alcohol Ink Art markers :)

Both are ever so versatile and complement each other... and go fabulously with the rest of the Distress ink range.

The Distress Markers are easy to use... and makes your artwork look like a professional watercolour artist's work :)

The Kaszazz AIAM are amazing - they will colour and draw on practically anything including metals, glass and pebbles. Finding the right colour bling or embellishment is not a problem anymore!

Both colour, blend and draw beautifully! If you don't have these or have access to use them, I highly recommend you find a way. Join a marker layby club, gather some friends for a "marker party" (lol) or ask about my payment plans!

Below... the teddy card is coloured with Kaszazz Alcohol Ink Art Markers; the frog ATC is 'painted' with the Distress Markers.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Butterflies and Seahorses

As you may know, Kaszazz has a gorgeous new product - Alcohol Ink Art Markers. I have been having a lovely time drawing, colouring, blending and rendering with these gorgeous markers. Unlike the most awesome watercolour markers, Distress Ink Markers by Tim Holtz, these new markers are solvent based and will work on anything including metals, rhinestones, glass and buttons.

Being the based on the colours of the Kaszazz cardstock essentials means we now have 71 colours at our fingertips to colour co-ordinate embellishments to the projects! Plus all the extra colours you could create by blending. And yes, they blend beautifully with those other brands :)

The best ink pads to use with these markers are the Distress Inks or Memento as both waterbased inks.
Below is the Kaszazz seahorse stamp coloured with the Alcohol Ink Art Markers. The background was created with the waves and flourish stamps using Distress Inks.

The other two cards in this photo are my samples (one front and one of the back) from the latest Kaszazz Mega Demo on 6th April. Everyone had a wonderful time blending, stamping and punching to create beautiful butterfly greeting cards.

A Mega Demo is a FREE Kaszazz event where a team of consultants work together to create a big "Make 'n' Take" demonstration.

Just like a craft party you could host at home (also for FREE) except you would be in a hall with a group of friends and other likeminded people at a table hosted by your consultant. Each consultant would have 1 or 2 tables to look after. Everyone makes the same project, enters raffles, enjoys afternoon tea or supper, and receives a $50 Kaszazz voucher (spend $50, choose another $50 FREE).

Mega Demos are always fun - making cards and chatting about craft (amongst other things!)... and they're FREE with no obligation to buy anything.

Look out for a Mega Demo near you :)

Happy Scrappy Day!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dragons and Easter Bilbies

Its my Dad's birthday today and his shed has finally been built. We've decided to call it his Toy Box as its a bit smaller than expected!!! 6 metres isn't very big anymore :P
Its great though, green walls with a little rollerdoor and yellow framed sliding window. Nice height too, I can't even reach the top of the door... nothing to do with me only being 5ft tall :) lol

Well, the pics of the shed are on the camera but I've got a photo of the miniature shed Mum created to decorate Dad's cake. Too cool for words :)

The other pic is of the birthday card I made for Dad... using a dragon stamp, distress inks, Kaszazz alcohol ink markers and pewter distress stain. He loves it!

The Easter Bilby helps the Easter Bunny here in Australia... so on Sunday if we've all been good, our kitchen table will have chocolate bilbies hopping about.

My family draws on, colours and paints boiled eggs then eats them with strips (soldiers) of toast every Easter Sunday morning. Always a fun day :)

I hope whatever you for Easter this year, you are happy and spending time with people you love. Happy Easter!!!

Hand painted with markers and Distress inks - stamps by Kaszazz.

My Dad's birthday cake with his new miniature shed.

Just like the real thing, this shed has green walls and a little yellow rollerdoor!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Living the Life I Love...

...with Kaszazz, Redbubble and Country Bumpkin!!!

My world is surrounded and filled to the brim (and overflowing some days) with art of all types, both at home and at work. I reckon I'm a bit lucky!

One of the things I've been working on is my kite scrapbook page and card workshop. Its being submitted to Kasazz for them to publish!!!

Just cleaning up my instructions then need to do a test with customers... then its ready to go!

This project uses the wonderful. ersatile string otherwise known as twine. Its ideal for kite strings, flower stems, vines, flourishes, plant tendrils and hair for fairies... or Christmas Angels!