Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dragons and Easter Bilbies

Its my Dad's birthday today and his shed has finally been built. We've decided to call it his Toy Box as its a bit smaller than expected!!! 6 metres isn't very big anymore :P
Its great though, green walls with a little rollerdoor and yellow framed sliding window. Nice height too, I can't even reach the top of the door... nothing to do with me only being 5ft tall :) lol

Well, the pics of the shed are on the camera but I've got a photo of the miniature shed Mum created to decorate Dad's cake. Too cool for words :)

The other pic is of the birthday card I made for Dad... using a dragon stamp, distress inks, Kaszazz alcohol ink markers and pewter distress stain. He loves it!

The Easter Bilby helps the Easter Bunny here in Australia... so on Sunday if we've all been good, our kitchen table will have chocolate bilbies hopping about.

My family draws on, colours and paints boiled eggs then eats them with strips (soldiers) of toast every Easter Sunday morning. Always a fun day :)

I hope whatever you for Easter this year, you are happy and spending time with people you love. Happy Easter!!!

Hand painted with markers and Distress inks - stamps by Kaszazz.

My Dad's birthday cake with his new miniature shed.

Just like the real thing, this shed has green walls and a little yellow rollerdoor!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Living the Life I Love...

...with Kaszazz, Redbubble and Country Bumpkin!!!

My world is surrounded and filled to the brim (and overflowing some days) with art of all types, both at home and at work. I reckon I'm a bit lucky!

One of the things I've been working on is my kite scrapbook page and card workshop. Its being submitted to Kasazz for them to publish!!!

Just cleaning up my instructions then need to do a test with customers... then its ready to go!

This project uses the wonderful. ersatile string otherwise known as twine. Its ideal for kite strings, flower stems, vines, flourishes, plant tendrils and hair for fairies... or Christmas Angels!