Friday, April 6, 2012

Learning to Stitch with Margaret Lee

A few weeks ago, my boss Fiona, of Country Bumpkin, gave myself and fellow workmates a lesson with Margaret Lee, Adelaide's most talented embroiderer and teacher of Chinese (Su) and Japanese embroidery. Margaret taught us a few basics of Chinese embroidery enabling us to start a pretty and delicate orchid picture. She was very patient and kind, with so many positive and encouraging comments for us all. It was a lovely relaxing time!
That night, all I managed to finish was a stem and a bit of leaf... so since then I've been adding to the picture. I've finished the stems, large leaf and 2 petals... not much, but thought I'd share anyway!!! And although I have a feeling its not quite the correct technique, its pretty and I'm enjoying myself.

Off to go start making this month's ATCs now... April's theme is "Indulgence". Promises to be fun, as always!

Happy Easter!

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