Thursday, September 27, 2012

Even Trucks Can Have a Mini-Me

My son and I were out in the real world a few weeks ago, checking out a science fair. I enjoyed it but Zac absolutely loved it!!! So many people talking and demonstrating things about science (obviously), art (a little bit!), maths (always seems to follow science everywhere), and what I've found to be scientists' fave words... order and chaos. Even Deane and Rob from 'The Curiosity Show' were there selling their new dvd of fave episodes.

I had a few moments of 'wow' too. We watched this guy play with fire (very cool), checked out a mini art show tucked away to the side, and found this awesome truck!

And on this truck's fender was the most adorable Mini-Me... an exact miniature replica of the truck, made of paper! Love it! That is very cool indeed!!!

Hope you have a happy and creative day!


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