Friday, September 13, 2013

Tangled Thursdays

Every Thursday I'm dedicating to drawing... with every second Thursday being a Tangling day. That is, drawing stylized patterns and lines... random and creative. 

I'm usually one for sketching out a few ideas, then sketching a final idea, roughing out an outline, inking it in then erasing the rough pencil.

For Tangled Thursdays, there is no sketching out ideas... its ink straight onto paper - without planning!

Its a good technique to do to loosen up the drawing arm and to teach the brain to let go of "perfection" in drawing and to just draw lots of lines, swirls, circles, spots and dashes.

September in the Studio is Fairyland month... so yesterday I had the class draw a scene with whatever they imagined. Its not Tangling exactly in the way its normally done but it has tangled areas!

I started off with the fairy, added the ground, a tree, then the owl, tree 'bark' and a hole (where I couldn't resist adding another owl hiding), the fungi on the tree, the mushrooms then the rest in a jumbled order.

I finished mine off this morning... just added a few dragonflies, dandilions, fluffing up the caterpillar and adding/altering a few other things, then lastly, I changed the fairy's wand into a dandilion puff.

As you can see, I had a few moments of 'bugga, I didn't want that line there' so added a bit of excessive shading! They are not mistakes but just variations in the drawing.

If you find parts of your linework not behaving to your satisfaction, don't throw it away and start again... just turn it into something else or leave it and focus on an area of the picture you do like.

The next day, you will see the picture with fresh eyes and be able to adjust or ignore what you've done.

Overall, its a fantastic thing to do, drawing without planning. Have a go yourself and don't forget... practise practise practise!!!

Happy Creative Day!

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