Sunday, April 21, 2013

Markers Markers Markers...

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE textas and markers? All if them ... the kiddie ones, thick poster type ones, ones that colour those magical invisible puzzle books, popular markers used to colour Magnolia stamps... and bestest ever of all the markers I've ever used are the Ranger and Tim Holtz Distress watercolour markers and the Kaszazz Alcohol Ink Art markers :)

Both are ever so versatile and complement each other... and go fabulously with the rest of the Distress ink range.

The Distress Markers are easy to use... and makes your artwork look like a professional watercolour artist's work :)

The Kaszazz AIAM are amazing - they will colour and draw on practically anything including metals, glass and pebbles. Finding the right colour bling or embellishment is not a problem anymore!

Both colour, blend and draw beautifully! If you don't have these or have access to use them, I highly recommend you find a way. Join a marker layby club, gather some friends for a "marker party" (lol) or ask about my payment plans!

Below... the teddy card is coloured with Kaszazz Alcohol Ink Art Markers; the frog ATC is 'painted' with the Distress Markers.

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  1. Looking cool Jenny!!! I like using Copic and Mepxy markers best :D


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