Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations

2010 has arrived with a flying start... no more saying two thousand and nine, now we're to sound like a cricket match! Twenty ten indeed. I still remember thinking as a child that by 2010 we'd be wearing silver space suits, eating hydrated food (from pills like the Jetsons) and drive flying cars. Its amazing how fast we as children think the world changes. I know its fast, but not that fast!!!! Maybe one day we'll each get a rocket like Origami Man's so we can meet the Venus Fly Trap too.
If a certain little Black Duck can fly through space without a helmet and oxygen tank in the 25th and a half Century, there's no reason to think that we can't do that too one day. What do you mean, he's only a cartoon? Try telling him that!!! 

Just lately, I've managed to take half a day out from the world and give myself an Art Day. I've discovered the world of ATCs. ATCs are Art Trading Cards, miniature masterpieces that you trade with other artists, both locally and throughout the world. Country Bumpkin did a similar trading scheme a while back with their members creating embroidered, cross stitched and smocked ATCs. All ATCs, whether embroidered, painted or scrapbooked are amazing and so inspiring. 

At a recent get together with local artists at Abundantias Gold (that's an FB group link) we found that even with the same base stock, each of us created something so totally different. So different that they don't look like they came from the same sheet of paper!!! Abundantias Gold is also the home of Scrapbooking SA. Each month we have a theme and October's theme was Halloween (surprise). My favourite out of the ones I created was Owl of Paper n Ink...

My big plan for 2010 is to have a whole day or two devoted to art... any kind at all including photography. Hopefully, my time management skills will get kickstarted into action sometime soon, so I can fit everything I want to do into each day! Until then, I'll just have to learn to juggle better or learn not to sleep (like that's ever going to happen).


Thanks for reading :) Wishing you a happy creative day!